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I've spent many years working at the interface of technology and pedagogy. My doctoral research focused on how to use technology effectively in education, and provides the theoretical foundation for my work.


The Virtual Explorer

If you're interested in the web you might find my blog The Virtual Explorer interesting. Mostly intellectual reflections on possibilities that are emerging, rather than just a newscast on the latest and greatest tech - there are already plenty of those blogs, after all!

The Sunday Roaster

Alternatively there's the blog for my main hobby, cooking. I do keep a rather intermittent blog about by culinary exploits called The Sunday Roaster which is primarily about ... you guessed it ... Sunday roasts.

Dr Richard OsborneThis is the homepage of Dr Richard Osborne, Educational Technology Consultant.

I currently work as Faculty Learning Technology Lead for Mathematics and Physical Sciences at University College London. I also run my own business, Catalysed Ltd, which helps educators make effective use of digital technologies.

Tech TrumpsTech Trumps

You can see my research in action in my Tech Trumps, (, digital playing cards in the top trump style, aligned to the UK Government teachers' standards, designed to help teachers find the right digital technologies to suit their needs.

Biscuit Trumps

BourbonOn a lighter note, you might also like to have a look at my biscuit trumps! Same principle, but not quite as academic :-) Is a fig roll posher than a jammy dodger? Does a Rich Tea dunk as well as a Coconut Ring? Click the link to find out!

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to know more about my work and research.