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The Virtual Explorer BlogThe Virtual Explorer Blog

If you're interested in the web you might find my blog The Virtual Explorer ( interesting. Mostly intellectual reflections on possibilities that are emerging, rather than just a newscast on the latest and greatest tech - there are already plenty of those blogs, after all!

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The Sunday Roaster BlogThe Sunday Roaster Blog

Alternatively there's the blog for my main hobby, cooking. I do keep a rather intermittent blog about by culinary exploits called The Sunday Roaster ( which is primarily about ... you guessed it ... Sunday roasts.

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Welcome to the homepage of Dr Richard Osborne; cook, psychologist, husband and father, someone who loves to laugh and loves to play, fascinated by who we are, and how we come to be ourselves.

Dr Richard OsborneI've spent many years working at the interface of technology and pedagogy. My PhD brings together some of this work, providing both a theoretical explanation of just why technology might be useful in education together with practical tools (for example the Tech Trumps) that can have real impact in the classroom.

My current focus is the nature of digital space - what it is made of from an experiental point of view, as opposed to a technological point of view. As a subsequence of this I'm interested in how people move and interact in the specific digital places that are created within this wider digial space.

Feel free to contact me () if you'd like to know more about my work and research.